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Despite it’s origins being related to a Christian Martyr under a Roman emperor, Valentine’s Day customs have developed over the years into early modern England and have spread throughout the English-speaking world in the 19th century. Later, through the 20th and early 21st centuries, these customs spread to other countries all around the world, but their effect has been more limited than those of Halloween and other aspects of Christmas, (such as Santa Claus).

Nevertheless, due to a concentrated marketing effort, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in countries all around the world, including some East Asian countries with Chinese and South Koreans spending the most money on Valentine’s gifts.

In some Latin American countries Saint Valentine’s Day is known as “el día de los enamorados” or as “Día del Amor y la Amistad”; and In the United States, about 190 million Valentine’s Day cards are sent each year, not including the hundreds of millions of cards school children exchange.

Additionally, in recent decades Valentine’s Day has become increasingly commercialized and a popular gift-giving event, with Valentine’s Day themed advertisements encouraging spending on loved ones to demonstrate how much they are loved and how important they are. This year, give your loved one a gift that shows them how much you really care about them and about making a statement in the fashion world and in people’s lives. Nothing says “I love you” better than an original and unique Way Bag from Nina Mochila, choose one today at and make this Valentine’s Day more special than ever.

By Diego Garzón

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