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Could you imagine through a bag metaphorically travel far away and to discover a new culture? This is possible with the Wayuu bags, through which you can support the artisan work of Wayuu women and appreciate the art and the cultural element behind the bag. These bags are much more than products.


Wayuu bags are a special connection between the world and the Wayuu people. Through these pieces of art you can discover a new culture, know the traditions of this indigenous tribe, you can be richer in experience, in inspiration and in life. Wayuu bags represent through their creative drawing the culture and the history of an ethnic group, the Wayuu indigenous tribe, a rich history of the people that have been making the bags for generations.




Wayuu are an indigenous community of artisans who live in the Guajira Peninsula, in northern Colombia and northwest Venezuela. The Wayuu tribe represents the 20.5% of the indigenous people in Colombia. Traditionally, the social structure of the community has been matriarchal and women have engaged in the weave of bags, chinchorros and hamacas, characterized by amazing patterns, vibrant colors and unique designs. The technique used to weave these bags is crochet.



At NINA MOCHILA ™ we work with passion and commitment to support the Colombian talent, especially the Wayuu indigenous community, promoting good conditions of work for Wayuu women, fair remuneration and a fair trade of Wayuu bags.



Therefore, open your mind, your eyes and especially your hearth to another culture, visit our store and choose your bag:


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