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Wayuu bags are more than an accessory; they are pieces of art. This craft is part of the culture of this indigenous tribe, a heritage of its ancestors. Not only this, the creation of this unique knitting, the vibrant colours and the beautiful design represent a philosophy of life, a way to express feelings, fantasies and dreams, a kind of connection with nature and the universe. Every pattern has its own meaning.


Nature has a crucial role in the life of Wayuu people. Proof of this are the main collections of the brand, collections influenced by the four natural elements: water, earth, air and fire.



This element is the most important for Wayuu people, because the Guajira Peninsula is a dry region. Different tones of blue, such as turquoise and indigo, characterize this collection.



The earth is like a Mother for this indigenous tribe. It represents abundance and fertility. This is the reason why this collection is mainly made of warm colours and neutral tones.


Air represents the power of the mind. The colours of the air collection are the light and vibrant ones.


The inspirations of the fire collection are the sun and the fire. Red and orange dominate this collection of the brand, colours that reflect warmth, brightness, joy, life.


Social impact

Each bag is 100% Handmade by women from the Wayuu ethnic group. Each Mochila could take up to 20 days to manufacture. Buying a Wayuu bag, you contribute to the growth of the Wayuu community. This is why at Nina Mochila ™, we offer the Wayuu bags directly from the hands of our artisans in order to contribute to a fair trade and support this indigenous tribe.

Check out our variety of colours and designs: here.


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