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The Wayuu tribe is full of charm; from its history to its traditions it seems to be out of a magical realism story by the color that surrounds it and by the charm of its people. Women represent a major role within the society of this matriarchal indigenous people in which sons and daughters inherit the surname of their mother as a sign of their leadership which they respect and maintain as the main law to this day.

The most important tradition that remains alive after hundreds of years is the art of weaving, art that is taught when a girl becomes a woman and is perfected over the years to become the symbolic craft of this tribe: The world famous Wayuu bags.

From mother to daughter, Wayuu bags represent a tradition passed from generation to generation, a tradition that provides economic support to members of the community. The colorful bags are handmade by the women of the tribe, who dedicate several days to the manufacture of these while mixing the stitches with household chores.

It is said that for the tribe this vibrant tradition of weaving is a symbol of wisdom, intelligence and creativity, which adds to this beautiful craft a great value beyond its beautiful color.

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