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Mujer Wayuu 2


All of us struggle many days with a tough decision: Dress comfortable or sacrifice comfort for style? For decades, this has kept men and women frozen in front of their mirror or closet with a pile of clothes staring back at them and laughing at them.

Fashion has evolved throughout the years and more and more comfort and style can go together; many brands and designers aim towards creating something that will be both stylish and comfortable at the same time. The same struggle applies to accessories; not only do they have to be stylish and look good, but they also have to be comfortable and practical; adding a layer of complexity to the design of them.



At Nina Mochila, we have kept that in mind and have worked together with the women of the Way Tribes of Colombia in order to make our “mochilas” an item that you can confidently use, knowing that you will look good, you will feel good, and you will make the best out of your “mochila” by actually using it for your daily adventures. Visit today and see for yourself how trendy, modern, elegant, casual, and practical our hand-made mochilas are.



By Diego Garzón

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