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In a society where celebrities are as varied and different as the people who follow and admire them, what do many of them like Alessandra Ambrosio, Shakira, Katy Perry, Sofia Vergara, Paris Hilton, Uma Thurman, and Anouk Manser have in common? Other than being icons and symbols in their respective fields of play, and the fact that they all are famous and rich; they have two other things in common. First, they are on top of all industry and fashion trends and, oftentimes, they are the ones that set new fashions and start new trends. Other than creating great works of art and hit pop culture products; they love to find hidden treasures and new styles around the world.


And that is exactly the second thing they have in common: all of them, and many others, have discovered a hidden treasure in the Guajira Peninsula in the border of northern Colombia and Venezuela: The Wayuu Bags. These beautiful “Mochilas” are woven in an ancient crochet technique by the women of the Wayuu Tribes, who have passed this tradition from generation to generation, and are now sharing it with the world.

Nina Mochila is proud to have a wonderful relationship with these incredible women and is helping them spreading their culture to the world by making their “Mochilas” available to you. Be part of this incredible story of women empowerment and native entrepreneurship while at the same time you stay on top of the latest fashion trends like your favorite celebrities. Find out more in our website and be part of the story by following our social networks.

By Diego Garzon.

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