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Local artisan goods are becoming the default tactic for the fashion industry around the world.

Handcrafted artisan goods and rare global products are more on demand than ever before.This demand is driven by many different factors, including uniqueness, limited availability, and brand story. Consumers are more and more looking not only to purchase a good, but to also bepart of the story behind it and contribute to it in different ways. These qualities make these items more attractive and draw people to them in order to connect more in the ever connected world that demands everything to be part of each person’s personal story.

It does not matter if they are Guatemalan, Native American, Moroccan, Mongolian, or Colombian Wayuu handcrafted products; the industry is bound to see more products emerge in all categories and dominate the market in the near future and in the long term also. The closeness people feel to the maker, or artisans, of these products is maybe the biggest reason for this reinvention of the fashion industry and artisans as seen as true makers of fine art which is original and unique. At Nina Mochila we pride ourselves of being in a direct relationship with the Wayuu Women ofColombia who make our bags from scratch with their own hands as their ancestors have done for hundreds of years to help support their community and make their craft known around the world.

Be part of this amazing human story and help the Wayuu community while at the same time you can make a fashion statement that will stand out from the crowd and make you as unique and original as our bags.

By Diego Garzon.

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