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The Fashion industry is not all glamour and shine; throughout history, there have been many instances where controversy has stained the fabric of the fashion world. From animal testing and the use of animals in the making of fabrics and products, to labor exploitation and deadly incidents, the world of fashion is not one to stay away from accusations and scandals about unethical and questionable practices and events.


This long history of incidents and controversies, has left consumers all over the world questioning where their clothes, products and accessories come from, who makes them, how they are made, and in what kind of conditions. More and more, consumers want to know that the articles they buy to wear or compliment their style are not unconsciously depleting our planet, or using slave or child labor to be fabricated. This trend has pushed companies to become more conscious about how their products are made, and to be more open and transparent about all their processes. As people have voiced their concern and opinion more and more, this trend is only starting and appears to have the stamina and push to last for a very long time and become a turning point for standards to switch in the industry.


Nina Mochila prides itself in being as eco-friendly as possible and in making sure labor practices and the relationship with the Women of the Wayuu community remain fair and advantageous, both for the people in the community, the company, the costumer and the environment. Visit our website and follow us on social media to meet the wonderful Women of the Wayuu Tribe and be a part of their amazing story.

By Diego Garzón

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