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Nowadays, Wayuu bags are a must-have for every fashionista. Wayuu bags are the new trend, the glamourous accessory that every it-girl has in her closet. These bags are recognized globally as a craft piece that represents Colombia and the Wayuu community all over the world.

Bags’ colors and exclusive prints are a typical sign to recognize the Wayuu Style. For this reason, Wajuu bags are the perfect accessory to give the touch of personality that your outfit needs to be on point. With a Wayuu bag, you will stand out and your look will amaze everybody. Your friend will ask you more about the bag, because girl, you will glow!


A Wayuu bag can give a touch of personality to your simplest and monotone outfits. No matter your style, Wayuu bags are the perfect accessory for every look and you can match it to different outfits. According to your style or to the occasion, you can choose neutral colors or the brighter ones. Don’t be afraid to mix different patterns. Sometimes, more is more, more colour, more prints, and more life.

A good bag must be versatile and comfortable and the Wayuu bags match perfectly these requirements. You can use Wayuu bags everywhere and in several occasions: during a brunch with your friends, on a city walk, during a day of shopping or at the beach. Moreover, they are the perfect item to take with you in your next travel or trip.


Photo credits: @bohemiandiesel


Photo Credits: @bohemiandiesel

Photo Credits: @auroravegacom


Photo Credits: @McKennaBleu


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