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Behind the success of the Wayuu bags, there is a community of working, creative and dreamer women. Wayuu women have a leading role in Wayuu society and they begin in an early age to learn how to create the traditional Wayuu bag, “susu” in the local language, in order to continue and preserve the culture and the heritage of their ancestors.




Wayuu bags are 100% handmade by women from the Wayuu tribe, following the traditions of the community. The creation of a single bag can last up to 20 days and this gives to the creating process and to the final product a high value. This is the reason why every piece is unique. Every bag has his own kanaa that is a unique design.
It is important to know and appreciate the value of Wayuu bags that are not simple products. They are much more; they are the inspiration of nature, the passion of the women work, the story behind each piece, they are pieces of art. They are a way of life.



Wayuu women are artists and the Wayuu craft is a cultural and artistic heritage, based on the traditional knowledge of the tribe. They learn in an early age the art of weave, which passes down from generation to generation. According to the legend, Wale’ Kerü “The Spider” taught to young women this art. It is a traditional element of their culture and a way of empowerment. Besides the fact that this craftsmanship is an important social and cultural element of the Wayuu community, it is also the main source of income in this matriarchal society.



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