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Have you any idea how popular Wayuu bags are? Well, even Katy Perry has one.

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 The internet is not the reliable source we wish for. So, we went out to the streets camera in hand, with the thought of asking tourist and local people what was their opinion about the Wayuu bags. That was an easy task. In every corner of the city one can bump with a tourist visiting Medellin, a wonderful city, full of colors, where people is kind and the eternal spring reigns.

Photo by Ali Agudelo

Some tourist were eager to speak, in contrast, some others were shy. Nevertheless, they got to the same conclusions in the end, “the Wayuu bags are chosen, not just for their color and beautiful design, but, because they are a unique artisan made product” or “there are not two bags with the same design”. When we asked them if they knew something about Wayuu culture, most of the answers were “yes”, although the bag is not the whole culture, it is a part of the Wayuu heritage. That idea made them feel proud of having a bag which has a meaning in each and every thread; “I had one bag from an indigenous tribe from Panama, and they explained to me that the triangles meant mountains, then, when I saw this one, I came to realize that its design was a landscape representation” as said by one the tourist pointing at her bag.

Photo by Ali Agudelo

We conclude that the Wayuu bags are beyond geographical borders and they also are trespassing cultural ones. We love being part of that process and for that reason, we offer the Wayuu bags directly from the hands of our artisans, in order to make sure that your contribution benefits the Wayuu community, granting you a unique and original product.

Wayuu group photo by Alvaro Jose Miranda

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