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From El Heraldo, Colombian Newspaper

May be for a cocktail party, walk in the city or to the beach, you can always take with you your NINA MOCHILATM in a perfect harmony with your outfit.

In Fashion terms, the bright colors of a wayuu bag are unique and it will catch the eye of everybody around you, so if you want to be different and taking with you something more than just a bag, the wayuu bag from NINA MOCHILATM are made just for you.

Look how elegant it looks the bag with this yellow dress in the picture of Guajira cesar or how awesome the artistics touch on the clothes of the Colombian Designer Martha Arredondo.

 Picture from Guajira Cesar

 Design from Martha Arredondo

 Design from Martha Arredondo


Singers, actress and famous models are using wayuu bags, even VOGUE magazine wrote a section about this important piece in fashion movement, that is not just the ideal accessory to take with every time and place; but the economical income to the wayuu ethnic group, because with your purchase we are helping them to subsist and to spread their culture. We are the intermediary between you and the wayuu ethnic group.

So, get ready and buy a wayuu bag, look our variety of colors and designs here.

 Picture from Aldo Decaniz for Vogue magazine.

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