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The integration of crafts with current fashion is a trend that has managed to have a great impact on the market today because of the great value that this fusion represents in the growth of our society. Because of this, Wayuu bags have become the new fashion accessory among women who seek to support the effort of self-improvement and indigenous labor, and at the same time, wear a bag full of personality.

The process of creating a Wayuu backpack is an art in itself that is learned by young women from an early age and has been passed down from generation to generation for hundreds of years. Legend has it that a deity in the form of a spider called Wale ‘Keri was the one who taught the first Wayuu women the method of weaving for the creation of these backpacks and to which each woman complements with its creativity in different colors and shapes.


The styles of Wayuu backpacks vary depending on the creativity of the craftswoman but in Nina Mochila ™ we have identified the design trend and this goes very hand in hand with the 4 elements. The air is represented in vibrant and fresh tones, the fire with its red and orange tones are charged with effervescence, the collection of water is tinged with turquoise and indigo tones and the earth in warm and neutrals converts the backpacks of this collection into the perfect accessory to combine with everythin.


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