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Ichichon – Bucket Bag


Free Shipping to Continental US and Mexico

The Ichichon- Wayuu Bucket Bag has vivid colors like blue, orange, light green, yellow and fuchsia pink. The pattern is unique with original figures created combining the mentioned colors. The shoulder strap and the pompons are of the same colors of the bag. This is a perfect item to take in your next trip or holiday at the beach

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Nina Mochila™ bags are 100% handmade by the Wayuu community, an indigenous group that resides in the Guajira Peninsula, in northern Colombia and northwest Venezuela. Especially, the Wayuu women are the artists behind these creations that are pieces of art, like the Ichichon- Wayuu Bucket Bag. Each bag has a unique design that represents the culture, the historical heritage and the philosophy of life of the Wayuu community. Each bag has a unique pattern with a variety of prints and colors.
Each Wayuu mochila is threaded by the Wayuu women by a needlework technique called crochet, and each mochila could take up to 20 days to manufacture. The Mochilas Wayuu are a fashionable accessory that every fashionista has in her closet, but also an important income for the Wayuu community, because buying these bags, you contribute to the preservation of the Wayuu traditions and to the improvement of their life conditions.


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