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About Us Nina Mochila

About Us

Who we are?

Who we are?

Nina Mochila™ was born with the idea and the desire to support the empowerment of Wayuu women and to spread globally the art and the culture of the Wayuu community, an indigenous community living in the Guajira peninsula, a region in in northern Colombia and northwest Venezuela. Behind each bag, there is a story. Behind each bag, there is the dream of a young woman. Behind each bag, there are years of traditions and a cultural heritage that has passed down from generations to generations.

Wayuu People

Wayuu people

Each bag has a high value that we want the world to know. Wayuu bags are 100% handmade by Wayuu women through a technique called crochet and they can last up to 20 days to handwoven a single bag. The result is a piece of art, a unique and exclusive bag with an original design, beautiful patterns and vibrant colours. These bags are not simple fashionable accessories; they are part of the culture and the traditions of the Wayuu community. Each bag represents a way of see life, a kind of philosophy and connection with the universe.

Besides this important value, Wayuu bags are a fashionable accessory that is becoming more and more popular among fashionistas. Nowadays there is the desire to feel emotions and live experiences through the products and this is possible with Nina Mochila™ bags, because through their textures, patterns and colours, Nina Mochila™ bags connect yourself with the culture and the traditions of the Wayuu community.

Our Products

Our Products

At Nina Mochila™, we support good work and life conditions of Wayuu women and contribute to the economic and social development of the Wayuu Community, because this craftsmanship is more than the art of weave that is part of their cultural heritage, it is an important income for the Wayuu community. We love and support the role that women have in the Wayuu society and we love to encourage women to dream and to believe in their dreams.